Safety Features

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  • Full Insurance Coverage from one of the largest leading insurance companies in the world: GIAC Great American Insurance Company. More Info ».
  • Bilge Pumps with Auto Switches in hulls and engines with automatic switches that detect any water and automatically pump the water out of the hulls
  • 3 Ocean Signal Mob 1 Devices that can be worn around the neck or installed into any of the life jackets on the boat. Once turned on they can pin point any MOB person and show the exact location on the boats chart plotter More Info ».
  • Rope Cutters on Propellers that cut any floating rope or debris that gets caught in the moving propellers More Info ».
  • External Antena for iridium Satellite Phone More Info ».
  • ICOM VHF Radio System – One of the best VHF Radio’s on the market from ICOM, we have VHF communications in the Saloon and at the Helm More Info ».
  • Radar Deflector Installed on Mast so other boats clearly pick up our boat on their radar systems More Info ».
  • Engine Spares – We have an extensive range of tools onboard including full engine spares for the main engines and generators that can fix most engine issues.
  • 360 Degree Remote Controlled Spot Light More Info ».
  • Backup Anchor and Chain More Info ».
  • Iridium Go Satellite Phone and Data Unit that allows us to download the weather forecasts from Predict Wind at any location and any time. This can also be used for phone calls if there is no 3g or 4g signal. More Info ».
  • Weather Forecasting – We use Predict Wind for all weather forecasting, and the skipper will access this using the satellite phone to check forecasts twice a day so if a bad weather is forecasting we will know well in advance. More Info ».
  • Garmin Emergency Satellite Messenger as a backup in case the iridium phone or satellite system is not working we can send SMS messages anywhere in the world, and it can download weather forecasts independently More Info ».
  • Marine LED Flood Light installed at the front of the boat and is used at night when anchoring or cruising, so you can see in front of you in the dark More Info ».
  • 10 Person Life Raft More Info ».
  • Marine Epirb Emergency Beacon – When turned on sends a distress signal via satellite to all emergency services with your location More Info ».
  • Small Handheld Epirb – can be worn around your neck usually used by the skipper and crew More Info ».
  • Electronic Flare with Long Battery Life More Info ».
  • Advanced Diesel Fuel Water Separator We have 3 advanced Diesel Filters (2 for the main engines and 1 for the generator) to remove any water in the diesel fuel More Info ».
  • Automatic Engine Fire Extinguishers in all engine rooms so if a fire starts these will turn on and put out any fire. More Info ».
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • 3 Handheld VHF Radios you can use while walking on the beach, using the tender to explore or going for a hike on an Island. You will always have communications back to the boat at any time. More Info ».
  • MOB System with Wrist Watches for each passenger. If these watches go out of range from the boat it will set off a MOB alarm so we’ll know someone has gone overboard. More Info ».



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